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Getting Rings Guide

Recommended option:


✅Best option if you're in USA:

Get your set of rings from



Over there you will find the same rings that I use in my videos and live performances. Comes in a set of two connected pairs (two 8-rings)



  • Start right away. Rings come ready, no extra assembly required.

  • Very clean look (that's why this is my choice for stage performing)



  • Not all colors are always available (feel free to request any specific color, send me an email to RINGJEDI@GMAIL.COM)

  • Not indestructible. They are very durable if used as intended (for contact juggling). I trust them as my main rings for videos and stage performances. But the connection might break if you throw them and they hit something hard, leaving some damage in the place of connection. Also connection will break if you intentionally try to break them. Don’t leave around little kids :D


Not recommended options:

❌GLUE RINGS. Plastic rings are very tricky to glue together. It requires special glue and special technique. Most people end up with ruined rings with a big messy spot of the glue that cannot be removed. Not recommended, use tape instead.


❌CHEAP RINGS FROM CHINA. I know the price might be attractive, but the rings are often different from the description and pictures. I bought them and tested. Cardboard rings that come warped and break very easily.


❌SINGLE-BODY 8-RINGS. I bought this type of rings from many different stores. I wasn’t satisfied by any of them. Sharp edges, bad materials, uncomfortable size, warped (bent unrecoverable shape). If you find any good single body 8-rings, please send me a link, I'll test them and possibly add to this guide as a recommended option.






Small (24cm) recommended for kids under 6 years old.


👉Medium (32cm) recommended for all beginners. It’s a good size to start and you’ll be able to do most of the tricks.


Large (40cm) rings not recommended for anyone under 5’2” feet (158 cm) tall because you’ll be unable to do some tricks.

20$ off with the code "SYSTEM" at checkout

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