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Want to learn how to become a master of 8-rings in 3 months or less?

8-Rings in 8 Levels

What is Ring Jedi System?

RJS is a platform with 80+ tutorials created by Ring Jedi. 

In these tutorials you'll learn everything about 8-Rings, one of the most mesmerizing art-forms in the world!

So I need 8-Rings to start? Where do I get them?

Go to my Getting 8-Rings Guide, it's very straightforward and you can have your new 8-Rings in your hands as soon as tomorrow! If you would like to check out the tutorials first and see if you like it, go ahead and start your 3-day Free Trial now!

Students achieving goals!

Kilian (France 🇫🇷)

Created two stage acts with 8-rings and added them to his magic show. Found his new passion in this artform.

In-person RJS students (USA 🇺🇸)

Performed an 8 people 8-rings act on stage at a dance competition. Using variety of tricks from RJS up to Level 8 tricks.

Simon (Germany 🇩🇪)

Learned 8-rings from zero to Level 8 in 5 months. Enjoys flowing as a meditation and stress relief.

Meet your coach!



Active performer with

5000+ shows done in NYC

8-Rings coach with

1000+ students worldwide


Content creator with

300+ millions of views on his videos


Danila - Ring Jedi

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matrix only.png

☝️ 3 Days for FREE ☝️

  • RJS Tutorials

    Every month
     3 day free trial
    • Full access to Ring Jedi System 8-RINGS TUTORIALS
    • Group chat with feedback from Ring Jedi, music and tips
    • Printable RJ System progress-tracker
  • Private classes 4/m

    Every month
    • Everything from $49 tier
    • Weekly private class with Ring Jedi on Zoom
    • Certification after completing RJS
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