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Get the programmable mask with unlimited faces + a FREE app to easily control them!
*The sale will end on Sep 30
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Change faces as you like

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Supports Gesture Sensing

You can change different patterns/pictures by waving your hand across the mask.

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Includes Music Rhythm Sensing Mode

When playing music in the APP, the mask will follow the music beat with selectable patterns.

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 Provides Mobile Phone Photo Upload

Fully controlled via the FREE app. Any photo or text you want can be displayed on the mask.


*Shipping cost is calculated at the checkout step

*The sale will end on Sep 30
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Client Photos

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Peter J., CA

“The mask turned out to be even more detailed than I thought! It has so many LEDs that all the pictures, photos and even animation are incredibly quality. Especially, when viewed from a distance, I just blow people minds with it! And it has so many awesome features like music reacting or gesture sensing!"

Morgan V., NY

"I saw similar masks before but none of them looked so amazing in real life as this one. It works exactly as shown on the video and it’s probably the most quality of all LED face masks on the market. Also, I really appreciate that the seller shoots many videos using it and showing all the features as they are."

Lisa S., MA

“This mask is an engineering masterpiece! I bought it for my son for Halloween and he couldn’t be more happier. He tries different faces and uploads photos of friends, famous people and family members to display on the face plate. It is so much fun! Everyone asks us where we got it from! 😍”
*The sale will end on Sep 30
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