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Ring Jedi System


❗️Don’t have 8-Rings yet? Visit my shop and grab a set!👍 👉 8-Rings Tutorials created by Ring Jedi will teach you 8-Rings in 8 Levels! ⬆️ Click "JOIN" to start now or Learn More ⬇️ RJS is for: ✅ Beginners who want to learn 8-rings from zero and are looking for high quality tutorials. These tutorials are created by a professional performer with years of experience teaching in-person and online classes. ✅ Intermediate level 8-rings artists who want to step their game up, learn more tricks, learn the thinking behind the tricks and also improve their technique. ✅ Advanced level 8-rings artists who want to perfect their technique, find new concepts and ideas, and boost their creativity. From the creator, Ring Jedi: "When I created RJS, my idea was to give people who want to learn 8-rings the best tool to do so. Even though 8-rings may seem like a hard skill, it's not hard at all if you do it step by step. This is why my tutorials are called System. They are organized to teach you all the basics and foundational techniques before moving on to advanced skills and concepts. In every Level you will learn something new and put it to use right away, learning a Combo at the end of the Level. This way you can see that even with the simple moves (that you can already do), you can create something interesting!" When signing up, you will receive: ✅ Instant access to RJS Tutorials ✅ Printable RJS GUIDE progress-tracker ✅ Access to Telegram group chat


RJS Tutorials, $49.00/month
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