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FingerCraft by Ring Jedi


Online Fingertut Course from zero to PRO!🖖 You’ll learn how to dance with your hands and fingers, how to create amazing illusions that instantly blow anyone’s mind, and how to use your hands to their FULL POTENTIAL!🔥 🧠Exercise your brain in a whole new way - by using your hands and fingers. Created by Ring Jedi - master of illusionary dance styles with 11 years of experience in popping, waving, and fingertut. As well as widely known 8-Rings juggler with over 500.000 followers on IG and TT worldwide 🌎 For gamers, dancers, musicians, jugglers, anyone using their hands in everyday job or hobbies. AND ALSO anyone who’s curious to explore what incredible things their hands can do! Price: Click "Start Now" to view options Where? 👉RINGJEDI.COM - Watch all tutorials and combos right on the website, choose FingerCraft in the top menu. From your phone, tablet or computer📱💻 Instant access when you sign up⚡️


3 Plans Available, From $29.00

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