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Hi! My name is Danila. I'm a dancer and a flow arts performer. I grew up in Tomsk, Russia, a nice little town in Siberia with great universities, interesting wooden architecture and awesome people.

⏩ Fast forward to now ⏩

Right now I live in NYC. In 2020 I lost my job that I happily worked for 2,5 years, selling tickets to Broadway shows. Then I started going deeper into my hobbies. I became a full time performer, sharing my art with everyone willing to experience it. I create hypnotizing illusions with rings. I think that a ring or a circle is a magical shape as it is, and it becomes even more magical when handled properly :)

I love my craft and I share this love every time I perform ❤️

My dream is to push the boundaries of explored art. Every time I come up with a new trick or idea, I get super excited. I have tons of mind-blowing ideas that I want to bring to life and share with everyone!

And just a few quick facts about me:

📹 I've made over 1000 dance videos in my life. I was also posting 1 dance video a day for an entire year (365 Days Dancing).
🍉 Most of what I eat is fruits. My favorite fruit is persimmon and once I had only persimmons for 7 days straight.
🔵 My first 8-rings (blue ones) were made by my dad from a piece of plastic that's used to build swimming pools. He worked as a swimming pool engineer at that time.
🖖🏼 I've been dancing with my fingers for 8+ years and did numerous projects with it, including photo projects, stage performances, teaching etc.


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